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A well-groomed pet is more likely to be hugged, and pets live healthier and happier lives when they are touched frequently and have a healthy coat and skin. At Joshua Creek Animal Hospital we have an experienced groomer on staff. Our Groomer is qualified to groom cats and dogs of all breeds to your specifications or to the standard for the breed/type.

All grooming guests need to have had a veterinary exam within the year. All dogs must have an annual bordetella vaccine while all dogs and cats must be current with their rabies and distemper vaccinations. All cats must have an annual leukemia test and both cats and dogs must be free of internal and external parasites. This assures protection for your pet and others. If your pet receives medical services elsewhere, it is the patient’s responsibility to bring the information to Joshua Creek Animal Hospital. We will not accept dogs or cats for grooming without this documentation.

· Because we are a full-service animal hospital there is always a veterinary professional available in the event that you’re pet needs medical attention.

· Pets who are aggressive or anxious about grooming can be examined and sedated by the veterinary staff (with your permission) prior to being groomed.

· Groomer spends a lot of time with your pet. She is often the one who identify skin problems, lumps or other conditions that should be brought to the attention of the veterinary staff.

· Medicated baths, flea shampoos, and skunk baths are available.

· Nail trimming is done as part of grooming services.

· Holidays are a great time to have pets groomed, so that they can get in the spirit of the season too. Pets receive a “goodie bag” at holiday time.

· Grooming prices are available upon request. They are based on the amount of time and skill it takes to get your pet looking “spiffy”. Payment is due at the time of pick up. We accept cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.